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Cuetec Duo Smart Extension - First Generation Cynergy Cues

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BETTER POSITION IS WITHIN YOUR GAME’S REACH.  Cuetec’s all-new, all-composite DUO® Smart Extension was designed and developed to give players exceptional positional range. Featuring a pairable, two-handle system, each DUO® Smart Extension can be deployed as two separate extensions (3 inches and 6 inches) or combined to create a 9-inch extension for remarkable reach.

  • All-composite ultra-light construction
  • Aluminum 3/8 X 14 Quick-Pin
  • Gloss black finish
  • 3-inch Extension Handle
  • 6-inch Extension Handle
  • 3-inch and 6-inch combine to create a 9-inch extension
  • Replacement “DUO Ready” butt cap
  • Nylon slipcase

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