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  • Cuetec Shaft Cleansing Wipes (Single) Cuetec Shaft Cleansing Wipes (Single) Cuetec Shaft Cleansing Wipes (Single)


    Cuetec Shaft Cleansing Wipes (Single)

    When the pressure is on, dirt, debris, and friction are the last thing a competitor needs on their mind. Cuetec’s shaft cleansing wipes quickly and easily return your Cynergy or AVID shafts surface to their ultra-smooth low-friction...

  • Tiger Leather Shaft Burnisher


    Tiger Leather Shaft Burnisher

    The purpose of the Tiger leather burnisher is to smooth and seal the wood on your shaft. More you burnish better the finish and better the finish slicker and more moisture resistant your shaft becomes, because moisture causes the grain to raise and your...

  • Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner & Conditioner


    Cue Doctor Shaft Cleaner & Conditioner

    The legendary Cue Doctor Cue Cleaner and Conditioner is back! This product is the perfect choice for polishing, cleaning, and protecting your cue. Cue Doctor Cue Cleaner and Conditioner will leave your pool cue shaft clean, smooth, and protected ·...

  • Cuetec Microfiber Billiard Towel Cuetec Microfiber Billiard Towel Cuetec Microfiber Billiard Towel Cuetec Microfiber Billiard Towel Cuetec Microfiber Billiard Towel


    Cuetec Microfiber Billiard Towel

    CLEAN BETTER, PLAY BETTER Keeping your gear in top-performing condition eliminated another thing for players to think about when the match is on the line. Whether you're giving your shaft a quick wipe down, or working to remove chalk from your hand,...

  • McDermott Renew Shaft Cleaner


    McDermott Renew Shaft Cleaner

    Eliminates drag due to dirt and oils on the shaft surface. Improves your stroke. Quick and easy to use to make your shaft and ferrule look and feel like new.Instructions: Sprinkle Shaft Cleaner on a clean, damp cloth. Wipe down cue shaft. Repeat if...

  • Tiger Shaft Sealer


    Tiger Shaft Sealer

    When it comes to maintaining your pool cue shaft, a simple cleaning just isn't enough. Cleaning your shaft will pull the dirt and grime out, but if you don't seal after you clean, it's going to start collecting new dirt right away. That's where the Tiger...

  • Silver Cup Talc Shake Can


    Silver Cup Talc Shake Can

    Help relieve the effects of perspiration while shooting with Silver Cup's talc shake can. This 13 oz bottle is perfectly portable and fits nicely in your cue case so dry hands are never out of reach.

  • Tiger Shaft Smoother & Burnisher


    Tiger Shaft Smoother & Burnisher

    This product will make the shaft smooth without taking off the finish. Giving players a clean & smooth feel every time. It takes less than 10 seconds to make your roughest shaft feel smooth. Use the rough side first, to clean and smooth, than the...

  • Atlas Cue Shaft Cleaner


    Atlas Cue Shaft Cleaner

    Atlas Clean Shaft Cleaner helps keep your shaft in top notch condition. This specially formulated cleaner for billards cues will make you shaft look like new. Comes in a 1oz bottle for easy storage.   

  • Cue Doctor Dent Buffer


    Cue Doctor Dent Buffer

    The Cue Doctor Dent Buffer has caused quite a positive stir, and it is well deserved. Every cue can acquire annoying nicks and dents in the shaft that can affect total concentration. This tool is simple, convenient and effective for removing those dents,...

  • Cue Candy Talc Powder


    Cue Candy Talc Powder

    Talc powder bag Use to remove moisture from your hands during a tight match Small enough to fit into your pants or pool cue case pocket Comes in a durable plastic pouch for less mess during storage To use, rub the pouch on your hands to release the...

  • Cue Cube Shaft Slicker


    Cue Cube Shaft Slicker

    It is made of soft high quality genuine leather on one side and a cleaning pad on the other side. The gentle, not abrasive cleaning side removes the dirt and oils that accumulate on the cue from repeated use. After cleaning, the specially treated soft...

  • McDermott Silky Smooth Shaft Wax


    McDermott Silky Smooth Shaft Wax

    Silky Smooth Shaft Wax cleans, seals & conditions wood shafts. Makes shaft smoother to the touch. Features: No residue or buildup Made from olive oil & beeswax Includes: 1 tin of Silky Smooth Shaft Wax

  • Q Wiz Original Shaft Conditioning


    Q Wiz Original Shaft Conditioning

    To smooth and polish your cue shafts, simply rub the Q Wiz up and down the shaft using long, light strokes. Use the unmarked brown side to smooth the shaft and the tan logo side to polish it. Always wipe down your cue shafts after use to remove any chalk...

  • McDermott Silky Smooth Hand Spray


    McDermott Silky Smooth Hand Spray

    Avoid the mess of old school talc and hand chalks while still keeping your hands dry and smooth. Silky Smooth is an anti-friction solution designed for this century. Spray it on, rub it in, and your bridge will be sweat and residue free. Leaves hands...

  • Atlas Pool Cue Shaft Slicker


    Atlas Pool Cue Shaft Slicker

    Specially formulated shaft conditioner - "powderless talc". The smallest amount instantly restores the condition of your cue stick - NO MORE shaft wear from sandpaper - No more messy powders Leaves your cue shaft smooth - Protects and conditions cue...

18 of 18 Items