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  • McDermott Cloth Revive Pool Table Cleaner


    McDermott Cloth Revive Pool Table Cleaner

    Features Removes tough dirt Helps maintain cloth color Leaves table clean & germ-free Fine mist for even distribution Fast, effective & economical Does NOT contain bleach or phosphates Directions Shake well before use. Adjust nozzle for fine...

  • Spray Adhesive


    Spray Adhesive

    When you need to re-cloth your pool table, make it easy with the Imperial Spray Adhesive. This spray adhesive is for temporary or permanent bonds. This adhesive was designed as the product of choice for use by professional pool table installers to cloth...

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    Quick Clean


    Quick Clean

    The Quick Clean Pool Table Cleaner allows you to say goodbye to brushes and vacuums forever and clean your billiard table cloth in less than 60 seconds. Brushing the table only moves chalk dust around, clogging the fibers and making your cloth wear out...

  • Simonis X-1 Cleaner


    Simonis X-1 Cleaner

    A completely innovative accessory with two U.S. Patents! Curved shape reached under the cushions, without risk of damaging the cloth or the rubber Extracts the chalk dust from the cloth and holds it in its revolutionary high-tech structure Cork non-slip...

4 of 4 Items