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  • Tiger Shaft Sealer


    Tiger Shaft Sealer

    When it comes to maintaining your pool cue shaft, a simple cleaning just isn't enough. Cleaning your shaft will pull the dirt and grime out, but if you don't seal after you clean, it's going to start collecting new dirt right away. That's where the Tiger...

  • McDermott Silky Smooth Shaft Wax


    McDermott Silky Smooth Shaft Wax

    Silky Smooth Shaft Wax cleans, seals & conditions wood shafts. Makes shaft smoother to the touch. Features: No residue or buildup Made from olive oil & beeswax Includes: 1 tin of Silky Smooth Shaft Wax

  • Atlas Pool Cue Shaft Wax


    Atlas Pool Cue Shaft Wax

    Atlas Cue Wax is specially formulated for billiard cues. This 1oz bottle of liquid wax with easy spray top is used to seal, polish, and protect your shaft.

3 of 3 Items