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Light Up With Littman Lights

Light Up With Littman Lights

Jun 7th 2021

Littman Pool Table Lights provide an outstanding light distribution across the table with an affordable price suited for home or commercial use. Littman Lights are purpose- built pool table lights which combine old world wood craftsmanship with the most current LED lighting technology.

The most recognized names in pool are currently rocking a Littman Light at home. Names like Shane Van Boening, Sky Woodward, Allison Fisher and Nick Varner. In addition to being the absolute best in the world at what they do, these current and future hall of famers all know the same important thing: Proper lighting is essential in the game of pool.


"Why is this light different from all other lights?"

1. Cut: As in the cut of the diamond gives it that brilliance, that sparkly reflection of light. Well in the case of pool table lighting, the goal is kind of the opposite. What we want to do is to direct the light away from the eyes of the player, and down towards the table, so that we light up the playing surface. This is accomplished through a special reflective diffuser called paracube. Notice that I said REFLECTIVE diffuser. What we DON'T want is to cut down on the amount of light that is being put out, like a frosted glass or plastic would do, in the name of reducing glare on the eyes of the players. This accomplishes 2 major goals: the majority of the light is directed TOWARDS the table surface, and AWAY from the players' eyes. It's genius, and an absolute MUST, especially given the spectacular brightness of LED lighting (more on that later).

2. Color: Remember those commercials in the 80's and 90's for G.E.'s "soft white" bulb? Did you ever understand what that actually meant? It has to do with color spectrum. Light bulbs come in color spectrums that typically range from 2700K (or Kelvin) to 6500K. 2700K is in the yellow spectrum, while 6500K is what they call daylight spectrum. What is absolutely incredible is the color of your cloth, and the color of the balls, can appear VASTLY different to the eye, depending on the spectrum of light that is being shined upon them. At lower spectrums the yellowing effect results in dull, drab tones which don't allow for the balls to "pop" off the table. At higher spectrums the cloth becomes "washed out"- things become too stark and the sense of warmth and color get lost. As such every Littman Light comes with lighting in the 5000-5500K spectrum for optimum color perception.

3. Clarity. What is it that we need to be able to see the pool table surface clearly? Power! Output! Brightness! And in the year 2020 that means only one thing: LED technology! LED's are SUPER bright, SUPER efficient and SUPER durable! Littman Lights are made from edge lit LED panel lights. This means that the output is bright, even and when combined with the paracube diffusers provide incredible lighting intensity directly onto the pool table surface. All of this adds up to a clear, bright, brilliant pool playing experience.

4. Carat weight: Well, in this case I've kind of shot myself in the foot. Obviously when it comes to diamonds the heavier the better! But in the case of pool table lighting the opposite is true. Made from anodized aluminum and LED panels, our lights are very light weight when compared with our competition. And at a mere 3 inches thick, with a variety of color options, your slim, sleek Littman Light will look good in any setting, with any brand, style or color of pool table.

Whether it is light a home pool, a pool hall or an entire tournament Littman Lights is the best! The beautiful, sleek, light weight & modern pool lights are the future.

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