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Jacoby Kielwood 12.75mm Shaft - 5/16x18

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The Jacoby Kielwood shaft gives you increased stability, improved resonance and tone, and a beautiful appearance. The shaft playability is often compared to that of old-growth maple. The shaft is specially treated using a specialized curing and drying process that alters the characteristics of the maple giving it its unique caramel color and sweet smell, while also removing any moisture and sugars making it lighters and more warp resistant. The shaft is extremely smooth and chalk resistant. This shaft is a playing shaft only, they are not intended to be used as a break shaft.

Tip: Tiger Everest Tip, seven layered pig skin.

Tip Diameter: 12.75mm

Ferrule: Super pro - 0.400" White Hydex 202

Joint Style: 5/16x18

Composition: Torrified Maple

Taper: 16" Professional