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Unglove Finger Wrap Billiard Glove V3 - Black

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This unique design by Unglove is simple and ideal. The Unglove has as thumb, pointer and middle finger sleeve. Perfect for flexibility and maneuverability. The fabric is light weight and breathable which help ensure an accurate bridge and smooth stroke when playing. Unlike traditional gloves, the Unglove does not have full fingers or a palm pad that will eventually wear out. The Unglove is one size fits most and is ambidextrous so you can wear it on either bridge hand. Great for men or women.

With the new design you will get the finger material a little longer and now you can cut the length to the size needed. This has been tested and the material will not fray when cut.


  • Color: Tiger Grey
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Bridge Hand: Right hand or Left hand