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Great Lakes Viper Padded Vinyl Dart Mat

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The innovation in dart throw lines is here in the Viper Padded Dart Mat! This cushioned mat protects your floor from errant bounce outs, and saves your dart tips as well. Fashioned from state of the art EVA foam, the dart mat can stand up to the toughest punishment. The real breakthrough in this mat is the embossed throw lines directly on the mat, for both soft tip and steel tip games. You’ll never have to worry about any adhesives sticking to your floor as the mat can be rolled up and stored when not in use, leaving your floor perfectly clean. For dart rooms that have easily damaged floors, look no further than the Viper Padded Dart Mat.

  • Protect your floor from errant dart tosses that bounce out of the board.
  • Made from heavy duty foam, this mat is built to last.
  • Embossed on the mat itself are throw lines for both soft tip and steel tip games.
  • Storage is a snap as the mat can be rolled up and put away for the next game.
  • With the padded dart mat, there is no need to glue down throw lines, saving your floor.

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