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Becue Natural Born Naked - Engage 12.3mm

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Model: Natural Born Naked
Shaft: Engage
Tip Diameter: 12.3mm
Weight: 19oz

Technology applyed:
- Aurora Front End technology (Becue Patent Pending)
- Becue exclusive laminated fiber construction system
- Leonardo Balance System
- B-LOCK Joint System

Full Carbon Technology: Carbon, As You've Never Seen it Before Becue butts are made with the express purpose of ensuring absolute dimensional stability and performance over time, regardless of weather conditions, storage, or use. In one word Becue butts can be defined as “ETERNAL.” They are also designed to couple perfectly with our shafts, creating a perfect synergy for optimal performance in every type of shot.
The characteristics of the employed materials, and how they are worked, ensure a drastic reduction in the abnormal vibrations transmitted to the player's hand when making a shot, allowing the player total control while playing the game. Sport results will finally be dependent only on the skill of the top player, and not on the characteristics or limitations of the instrument the player uses.

The structure of Becue butts, moreover, allows the maximum transmission of energy to the shaft, precisely rendering the desired effect, and not as a result of uncontrollable variables, as often happens with traditional pool cues, which are subject to the well-known problem of “DEFLECTION.”

The metal joints, made from materials of the utmost quality and reliability, such as stainless steel and titanium, combined with our exclusive B-LOCK system, are the result of extensive studies conducted to identify the best possible combination of junction strength and “sincerity” for the transmission of the shot. All this has enabled us to produce a pool cue that provides maximum surface contact between its components and gives the player the priceless feeling of playing with a pool cue that is made of a single piece.

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